“Consolidated is a one stop shop…”

When our computer systems don't work, it's very frustrating and time consuming. We are very computer dependant. All of our stockbrokers make trades over the computers and if they're not functioning, we have to resort to a whole lot of phone calls which is very inefficient and a real disservice to our clients. Until Consolidated Business Systems, nobody had an all inclusive approach to technology. When one of our systems broke down, none of the vendors would accept responsibility for the problem but instead would blame everyone else. We would end up with a nonworking system and nowhere to turn for help. Consolidated is a one stop shop and accepts responsibility for any of the technology issues we have and stay's on top of it until the problem is resolved. Since signing up for the Hassle-Free IT complete plan, I know our systems are being monitored routinely, maintenance is being done regularly and we have a constant backup I can count on. I no longer have to worry or wonder if I should load an update that wants to install and then have to deal with a nonworking computer as a result. Problems are prevented or fixed while they are still small rather than waiting until it hinders work or gets big enough that we finally call for help and then still have to wait for a response. I like knowing that everything is going to work and in the rare instance when we do have a problem, there is someone we can call to get help right away. I don't have to learn a job that I'm not suitable for, nor am I requiring employees to learn skills they are not qualified for and giving them an excuse for not getting their own work done. I have enough on my plate, with my business and all that I'm required to do, without worrying about one more thing that I don't know about nor do I care to learn. I have peace of mind with our computers and technology. Everything is provided for us so we can be more efficient in other areas of our business. Technology changes so fast, that it is easy to make mistakes that become expensive mistakes. I have no issues with anything related with our computers. Consolidated Business Systems is one complete package.

Annie Phelps
Secretary/Treasurer and Compliance Officer
Omnivest Inc.