Our Clients

"They're always very responsive..."

The Consolidated service plan just makes sense. They know what they're doing. They keep our office systems running smooth focusing on preventative measures to keep problems from causing us troubles in the long run. They're always very responsive. We rely heavily on technology in our office and can't afford to be down even for a little while because when we're down we're out. Since hiring Consolidated Business Systems, our technology systems are substantially more efficient and run much better. It's so much nicer to have complete confidence knowing we are being watched over. With their new remote service ability, they come on to our systems remotely and troubleshoot the situation and within minutes rather than hours we're back up and running again.

ReMax Professionals

"CBS is a great asset to our company..."

Consolidated always figures out any technical problem that we have in short order. They are very reliable and always respond quickly whenever we have any hiccups with our computers, network, printers, phones or anything they can possibly fix. They are very easy to get in contact with and very prompt in returning messages. They know how frustrating technology can be for those of who do not understand it and are very talented in explaining technology in ways that even I can understand. I never feel like they are talking down to me or trying to hide behind techno-babble. CBS is a great asset to our company and I know we would be hard pressed without their help. These are the best I.T. guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

Director of Marketing
Foxstone Financial Group

"Our data is being protected..."

Consolidated Business Systems is dependable and knowledgeable giving us good advice in keeping things running well. We rely on our technology systems to maintain our critical financial and patient records and need to be able to count on them without reservation. I have confidence and great comfort in knowing our data is being protected. When we're down, even for only half a day, it really messes things up and affects our ability to service our patients. I have enough to worry about in my practice; it's nice to be worry free about our technology systems.

John Wyatt Dental

"We're confident in relying on Consolidated..."

They know what they're doing. We depend on technology in our business for X-rays and patient history and records and need to count on our systems working all the time. We now have almost no downtime and much less stress. We're confident in relying on Consolidated to take care of all our technology needs.

Auraria Dental Oasis

"Easy to work with..."

Before working with Consolidated Business Systems, we were having constant computer problems, lock ups, viruses and spam. In looking around for a company to help, Consolidated came highly recommended. Since working with Consolidated, we have virtually eliminated all of the problems we have with the computer systems. The computers run a lot quicker, with a lot fewer problems. I can readily recommend Consolidated Business Systems. They are quick to respond, easy to work with, easily identify problems and quickly resolve them which cost us less money overall.

Augusten Muller Custom Homes

"Very prompt and responsive..."

Our prior service provider was very unreliable. They wouldn't respond quickly and the solutions they came up with were more geared towards maximizing their revenue rather than solving my problems. I was referred to Consolidated Business Systems by a colleague and happy to find them. I use computers but don't really know them so trust becomes a critical factor in hiring a partner to work with. I find the people at Consolidated to be straight shooters and they know what they are doing. They are very prompt and responsive, patiently explain our options so we understand and can make intelligent decisions, and the service they do always works. I don't want to worry about computer and technology problems, because my focus is dentistry and patient care. I no longer have to worry about or focus on the computer systems; I don't even need to think about them much. My staff is happier and more productive as well. Consolidated does what they say they will do, in a timely and prompt manner, with reasonable fees. They have treated us well and keep our technology systems running smoothly.

Health Centered Dentistry

"We don't have to worry about anything..."

Consolidated Business Systems was recommended to us by one of our clients. Upon meeting with Doug, we were impressed with his knowledge and honesty. He helped us understand our options and that our prior technology consultant had sold us more than what we needed. Since hiring Consolidated, we have found them to be trustworthy. We don't have to worry about anything. Trust is important in any relationship, especially a business partner. We trust what they're doing and have not been let down. We all depend heavily on our computers. When there is a problem we know it is going to be fixed quickly and without too much interruption which helps employee productivity and profitability. We have the ability to work remotely and have granted remote access to our doctors so they have visibility into their accounts and it reduces the questions and distractions on our staff. We have confidence in Consolidated. They always have the answer and know what to do. We are very happy with everything they have done.

Partner and VP
On Eagle's Wings Medical Billing

"Consolidated is a one stop shop..."

When our computer systems don't work, it's very frustrating and time consuming. We are very computer dependant. All of our stockbrokers make trades over the computers and if they're not functioning, we have to resort to a whole lot of phone calls which is very inefficient and a real disservice to our clients. Until Consolidated Business Systems, nobody had an all inclusive approach to technology. When one of our systems broke down, none of the vendors would accept responsibility for the problem but instead would blame everyone else. We would end up with a nonworking system and nowhere to turn for help. Consolidated is a one stop shop and accepts responsibility for any of the technology issues we have and stay's on top of it until the problem is resolved. Since signing up for the Hassle-Free IT complete plan, I know our systems are being monitored routinely, maintenance is being done regularly and we have a constant backup I can count on. I no longer have to worry or wonder if I should load an update that wants to install and then have to deal with a nonworking computer as a result. Problems are prevented or fixed while they are still small rather than waiting until it hinders work or gets big enough that we finally call for help and then still have to wait for a response. I like knowing that everything is going to work and in the rare instance when we do have a problem, there is someone we can call to get help right away. I don't have to learn a job that I'm not suitable for, nor am I requiring employees to learn skills they are not qualified for and giving them an excuse for not getting their own work done. I have enough on my plate, with my business and all that I'm required to do, without worrying about one more thing that I don't know about nor do I care to learn. I have peace of mind with our computers and technology. Everything is provided for us so we can be more efficient in other areas of our business. Technology changes so fast, that it is easy to make mistakes that become expensive mistakes. I have no issues with anything related with our computers. Consolidated Business Systems is one complete package.

Secretary/Treasurer and Compliance Officer
Omnivest Inc.