Get a greater return on your IT investment

Want to upgrade your IT but are not sure where you’re going to put the new hardware? If your computer equipment is taking over your office it’s time to think about virtualization. Consolidated Business Systems, Inc. have the solution which enables you to separate the IT you use from your physical environment, instead delivering it to you over the Internet.

When you adopt virtualization techniques you’ll have greater access to more technology solutions, as well as more software and applications than are situated in your actual office. Consolidated Business Systems host everything for you offsite, giving you the power to do more - with less.

We can virtualize everything from your network and storage solutions to your laptop and server hardware, and operating systems and applications.

Virtualization from Consolidated Business Systems enables your business to:

  • Free up more space - both in your office and on your hard drives
  • Improve application performance - with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Resume operations after a disaster - thanks to simplified data backup and recovery
  • Increase utilization - by consolidating your servers
  • Save money - and lower your carbon footprint by running fewer servers

Virtualization offers a smooth transition with no downtime as the way you use your computers won’t change. That means no time-consuming training sessions, just more efficient technology and lower costs backed by our proactive management and maintenance.

Want to find out how Virtualization from Consolidated Business Systems can help your business achieve more?

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