Google Apps Offerings

User-friendly Collaboration and Communication Solutions

When it comes to communication and collaboration tools for your small business, it is all too easy for IT departments to have their hands full with maintaining email and scheduling systems as well as handling software licensing and computer upgrades. Consolidated Business Systems’ Google Apps solutions cover all of these things and more.  As a cloud based solution, setup will be streamlined, maintenance minimized and costs reduced.

With the Google Apps Solutions from Consolidated, you get:

  • Gmail – 7GB of secure email storage that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, complete with in-built instant messaging, voice & video chat, and more
  • Google Calendar – The easiest way to share calendars and arrange schedules throughout the office or high school from any computer or cell phone
  • Google Talk – A free instant messaging app complete with VoIP, voicemail and file transferring capabilities for easy communication between students, teachers and staff
  • Google Docs – Share and collaborate on word documents from anywhere in the world without having to keep track of multiple different attachments
  • Google Video – Post videos online in a secure environment, allowing others to search for and then tag, rate or comment on them
  • Google Groups – Create your own mailing lists and self-moderated forums to facilitate collaboration in the school, university or office
  • Google Sites – A simple way for students, teachers and employees to create their own internal or external websites complete with images, videos and more
  • Google App Engine – Build and develop a range of customized applications using the technology and power behind the standard Google Apps available
  • Google Apps Marketplace – Search for and obtain applications created by others to further enhance IT capabilities in the school or office
  • Security – Google Apps are developed and maintained by an expert security team, and strengthened with built-in technology such as spam and virus filters
  • 24-hour Assistance – A wide variety of online articles and other resources, as well as email and phone support, is available anytime to assist with your problems

With the Google Apps solutions offered at Consolidated Business Systems, small businesses can improve their communication and collaboration, reduce costs and free up resources for other core business needs.

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